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Temperature Monitoring

At Asia GMP, we provide continuous temperature and/or humidity monitoring systems designed for regulated and critical environments. Our monitoring systems emphasizes on user-friendly interfaces and accurate measurement of temperature and/or relative humidity data.

What’s Included in Our Monitoring Solutions:

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Monitoring Solutions to Suit Your Needs

We specialize in both Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems (Radio Frequency and Wifi Solutions) and

Non-Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems


Compliant with major regulatory schemes


Industry-best sensors, proven performance


Operates independently, scales easily


Fully configurable and supported


Designed for usability and compliance

Compliant w Regulatory

Compliant with Major Regulatory Schemes

Asia GMP Temperature Monitoring Solution ensures data integrity with an audit trail, access controls, encryption, and authority levels that fulfill regulatory requirements. Compliance is simplified with validatable programming, mapping/ qualification abilities, encrypted data and audit trail, discretionary, protocols and GxP documentation, ICH-compliant calibration options. Asia GMP reports on historical temperature and humidity data comply with GxP guidelines and standards, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, ICH​​, etc.

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Industry-Best Sensors, Proven Performance

Choose from a wide selection of temperature data loggers, transmitters and probes; with or without humidity. Consolidate an extensive range of sensors with Asia GMP Temperature Monitoring Solution for high quality measurements in an easily readable format. Other options include wall, duct, and remote probe mounting capabilities. Temperature measurements range from -196 °C … + 1000 °C and humidity measurements to 100%RH. Measurements are traceable to SI units through national metrology institutes.

Operates Independently, Scales Easily

For quick, simple validation, Asia GMP Temperature Monitoring Solution operates independently of other control and monitoring systems. Scale up easily—from one or two data loggers to thousands. With eight language versions, Asia GMP data loggers is ideal for multi-site utilize and global monitoring. The system can manage multiple time zones and report in the local time.


Fully Configurable and Supported

With a variety of alarm notification options and reports, the system is completely configurable to meet your needs. Our service options include full life-cycle support, including installation, validation, and calibration -- either on-site, or in-house accredited calibration laboratories. Data is logged continuously and autonomously at the point of measurement ensuring that temperature, humidity and other historical data are never lost to power or system downtime.

Designed for Usability and Compliance

Asia GMP Temperature Monitoring Solution interface has been optimized for simplicity of installation and use. Reporting options include pre-configured reports that are easy to customize and can be delivered consequently or on client selected schedules. The system makes reviews and inspections simple with reliable temperature and humidity data logging.

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Industry Best Sensors
Operates Independently
Designed for Usability & Compliance

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Our Full Suite of Solutions

Temperature Monitoring

Design, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Temperature and/or Humidity Monitoring Systems


Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions


Non-wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Cold Chain Management

Strive to provide value added consultancy services at every point of the cold chain from source to destination.


Warehouse Cold Chain Management


Equipment and Appliance Cold Chain Management

Temperature Mapping

Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification of cold chain areas and appliances


Ambient Warehouse Mapping


Cold Room and Walk-in Freezer Mapping


Equipment and Appliance Mapping

Calibration Services

Conduct of On-site and Off-site Three Point Calibration Services for Temperature and Humidity measurement equipment


Temperature Calibration Services


Humidity Calibration Services

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