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Cold Chain Management

We offer a comprehensive selection of innovative and cost effective cold chain temperature monitoring devices delivering critical time - temperature data when and where it is needed!

What’s Included in Our Monitoring Solutions:

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Warehouse Cold Chain Management

Asian GMP provides consultancy advice in relation to the design; set-up, installation and establishment; testing and commissioning of temperature and humidity controlled cold chain warehouses. In addition, we further value add by advising and/or providing temperature and humidity monitoring systems; as well as cold chain warehouse maintenance services.

Warehouse CCM

Equipment and Appliance

Cold Chain Management

Asia GMP provides consultancy advice in relation to the evaluation of cold chain equipment and appliance (e.g. data loggers, freezers, fridge, etc.); the eventual selection and procurement decisions; as well as operation and maintenance of procured equipment and appliances. In addition to our technical know how, we also provide effective collaborative arrangements such as renting or leasing and leasing to own models for cold chain equipment and appliances.

Equipment CCM

Other Additional Temperature Monitoring Consultation Services

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Advice on Validation and Qualification

We provide in-depth hands on advice on the validation and qualification of thermal packaging solutions via climatic chamber and simulation.


Advice on Preconditioning and Set-up

We provide advice on preconditioning work processes and facility setup for passive thermal packaging solutions.

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Advice on Packaging Deployment

Every shipment and use of thermal packaging solutions requires data logger monitoring, we provide and/or advice on the deployment and measurement of temperature distribution within the thermal packaging throughout the shipment from source to destination.


Conduct Investigative and Corrective Study

In the inevitable and unfortunate event of excursions, we also conduct investigative and corrective studies to rectify the issue and improve the cold chain performance of the operational use of thermal packaging.

Want to find out more?

Please contact us to discuss about your cold chain requirements in greater detail. Our Customer Care Officer is easily reachable by phone or email at your greatest convenience.


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Our Full Suite of Solutions

Temperature Monitoring

Design, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Temperature and/or Humidity Monitoring Systems


Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions


Non-wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Cold Chain Management

Strive to provide value added consultancy services at every point of the cold chain from source to destination.


Warehouse Cold Chain Management


Equipment and Appliance Cold Chain Management

Temperature Mapping

Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification of cold chain areas and appliances


Ambient Warehouse Mapping


Cold Room and Walk-in Freezer Mapping


Equipment and Appliance Mapping

Calibration Services

Conduct of On-site and Off-site Three Point Calibration Services for Temperature and Humidity measurement equipment


Temperature Calibration Services


Humidity Calibration Services

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