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Cold Chain Equipments and Appliances


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At Asia GMP, we pride ourselves for our strong network of complementary cold chain product and service vendors; to fulfil the stringent cold chain regulatory requirements and high-quality standards required by the Life Sciences Industry, we work hand-in-hand with our leading partners to provide one-stop shop for small to large scale cold chain projects in Asia.

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To further value add to our clients in the cold chain industry for Life Sciences, we work closely with leading warehouse contractors, air-condition and refrigeration specialists as well as other cold chain products and service vendors.


At Asia GMP, we are also a distributor of a wide versatile range of Temperature and Humidity Measurement Data Loggers / Monitoring Devices and state of the art testing and measuring devices for Pharma, healthcare, HVAC and food applications.

We carry the world's best selling testing, inspection and measurement equipment brand; and offer the full suite of high precision measuring instruments and innovative solutions for the measurement of data and management of tomorrow.


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