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Temperature Mapping and Validation

What’s Included in Our Monitoring Solutions:

From Incubators, refrigerators, fridges to GDP compliant warehouses, cold trucks and shipping containers we are able to deliver professional and consistent temperature validation and mapping service.

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Temperature Mapping Roadmap

From site survey, planning and preparation through to the mapping exercise, recommendation and implementation of recommendations; Asia GMP understands your every need and strives to deliver value beyond your expectations.

Site survey, planning and preparation

Conduct of mapping exercise

Collection, analysing of data, generation of mapping report

Implementation of recommendation and follow-up

Approach and Methodology


High quality calibration and validation competencies

  • Asia GMP procures high quality calibrated temperature loggers that comply with traceable national standards

  • Asia GMP also possesses the necessary competencies to ensure the validity and accuracy of temperature loggers


A professional team that understand your needs

  • Asia GMP has a diverse and experienced team, consisting of members with more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry; running GMP certified warehouse; handling warehouse temperature audits


Unparalleled project management and execution

  • Asia GMP has a quality project management system that is applied and well-integrated into the client’s assigned task scope of temperature mapping exercise

  • Asia GMP is also well known for the timely and seamless execution of key project deliverables


Strong experience with world class clientele

  • Asia GMP has an excellent track record of meeting the temperature mapping requirements of top pharmaceutical and logistic companies in the Asia pacific region

  • Over the years, Asia GMP has continuously attained high levels of customer satisfaction


Compliant with Industry Regulations

At Asia GMP, we have an experienced team of temperature mapping and validation professionals that possess the project management skills and expertise to manage small to large scale temperature mapping and validation assignments. More importantly, they also have more than 10 years of experience in drafting industry regulation compliant Mapping Protocols and Reports for the most stringent Regulatory and Quality Audits.

Industry leading Data Loggers

Integral temperature sensors delivering market leading accuracy, resolution and repeatability.


Temperature Validation with Data Loggers

Our versatile range of temperature data loggers are suitable for oven and freezer validation. Deploy in ultra-low temperature freezers at -80°C to ovens at +140°C, or any appliance, with options for external temperature probes suitable for use in conjunction with thermal barriers to operate at higher temperatures.


Humidity Validation with Data Loggers

Our relative humidity data loggers can measure different type of moisture; both material moisture and humidity. The humidity data logger us have a measuring rage of 0-100% RH and sintered cap to protect integral humidity sensors when immersed or when in contact with contaminates.

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Please contact us to discuss about your cold chain requirements in greater detail. Our Customer Care Officer is easily reachable by phone or email at your greatest convenience.


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Our Full Suite of Solutions

Temperature Monitoring

Design, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of Temperature and/or Humidity Monitoring Systems


Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions


Non-wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Cold Chain Management

Strive to provide value added consultancy services at every point of the cold chain from source to destination.


Warehouse Cold Chain Management


Equipment and Appliance Cold Chain Management

Temperature Mapping

Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification of cold chain areas and appliances


Ambient Warehouse Mapping


Cold Room and Walk-in Freezer Mapping


Equipment and Appliance Mapping

Calibration Services

Conduct of On-site and Off-site Three Point Calibration Services for Temperature and Humidity measurement equipment


Temperature Calibration Services


Humidity Calibration Services

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